Supporting Mesothelioma UK

Supporting Mesothelioma UK

Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive form of cancer often linked to asbestos exposure. The impact of this disease is profound, affecting not only patients but their loved ones.  

It is a cancer that is at the very heart of icesupp which is why we are so passionate about supporting the brilliant of Mesothelioma UK, creating awareness of this terrible disease and the danger of asbestos exposure.

Learn more about the Icesupp story and why we work closely with charities to raise awareness about Mesothelioma.

What is Mesothelioma?

What exactly is mesothelioma, and who does it impact?

This aggressive disease affects the thin layer of tissue (mesothelium) that covers the lungs, chest wall, abdomen, and heart. Mesothelioma’s link to asbestos exposure is a critical factor, as approximately 9 out of 10 cases are a direct result of coming into contact with asbestos fibres.

The widespread use of asbestos in the construction industry over the years has put numerous individuals at a greater risk of asbestos exposure. Certain occupations, like tradesman, construction workers and shipbuilding, carry exceptionally high risks. However, even professionals in emergency services and educational settings, such as schools, face an increased likelihood of developing mesothelioma due to potential exposure caused by run-down buildings. Is asbestos a thing of the past? Not quite. Whilst it is no longer allowed to be used in new construction projects, previous use continues to cause problems. 

Mesothelioma often leads to severe symptoms and challenges for those affected. With its association to asbestos, it's a disease that could have been largely preventable through proper precautions. Asbestos fibres, once inhaled or ingested, can lodge in the body for years, eventually leading to the development of mesothelioma.

About Mesothelioma UK

Mesothelioma UK is a dedicated charity working tirelessly to support those affected by mesothelioma. Firmly set on making a difference, Mesothelioma UK provides specialised information, essential support, education, and even research funding within the UK. 

Their mission is clear: to improve the lives of those dealing with mesothelioma, whether patients, families, or healthcare professionals. With their unwavering dedication, Mesothelioma UK stands as a beacon of hope in the fight against this formidable cancer that is almost always preventable. 

Don’t let the dust settle campaign

The Don’t Let The Dust Settle campaign aims to raise awareness about the presence of asbestos in buildings still used today. Around 1.5 million UK buildings are thought to contain asbestos-containing material, and as these buildings decay, they become more dangerous to those who occupy and work within them. These can include places like schools and hospitals.

Every year, approximately 2,700 people in the UK get diagnosed with mesothelioma. Shockingly, 90% of these cases are due to asbestos exposure. This is why the Don’t Let The Dust Settle campaign is so important, it could literally save thousands of lives.

The concern, highlighted by Mesothelioma UK, is that the government might not be taking this seriously enough, despite the statistics about this concerning and life threatening condition clearly showing that action is required immediately.

How can we support the campaign?

Mesothelioma UK are calling for a centralised register of asbestos-containing buildings and an updated record of their condition. They are also calling for a phased removal of these impacted buildings to make sure that nobody is needlessly diagnosed with this condition in the future.

You can help by signing the petition to call for the creation of this register. 

You can also write to your local MPs to discuss concerns about buildings in your area 

If you or your family have been impacted by mesothelioma, you can receive more information and support from the brilliant team at Mesothelioma UK.

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