How does nutrition support your mental health?

How does nutrition support your mental health?

It’s so easy to overlook the impact that nutrition can have on not just our physical health but also our mental health and general sense of well-being.

For #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek we’re going to dive into exactly what nutrition offers and why it’s so important for us physically and mentally.

Why is mental health so important?

Mental health covers our emotional, social and psychological well-being. Good mental health will help us to better handle day-to-day stresses, be more resilient and give us the confidence to overcome challenges. When mental health isn’t so good, it can be much more difficult to do things that we would typically find to be simple.

It’s really important to treat mental health as you might physical health and make sure you are doing all that you can to take care of yourself, including seeking medical help when necessary.

Why is mental health so important for cancer patients?

Many cancer patients can experience sadness and depression as they learn of their diagnosis and begin to undergo treatment. It’s a tremendously difficult time in a person’s life and challenges related to mental health can be a very normal experience. It’s just as important to take care of your mental health as it is to be mindful of physical well-being during treatment.

As well as turning to support through specialist channels, there are things that patients can do to help take care of their minds.

15 Things that will positively impact your mental health

  • Good nutrition
  • Staying hydrated
  • Regular exercise
  • A good amount of sleep and sufficient rest
  • Spending time outdoors and getting fresh air
  • Socialising with friends and family
  • Spending time on mindfulness and meditation
  • Practising hobbies that you enjoy
  • Taking a break from social media
  • Avoiding alcohol and other depressants
  • Celebrating achievements and small wins
  • Surrounding yourself with positive messages
  • Speaking to professionals or seeking support
  • Relaxation techniques 
  • Volunteering and helping others

How does nutrition help our mental health?

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Improved brain function

Key nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants can support brain function and improve general well-being. This is why a balanced diet that incorporates necessary nutrients is so important.

Mood boosting

Eating well can help to give you energy and improve your overall mood. Certain foods like bananas and probiotics can also help your body to produce more serotonin which contributes to overall happiness.


It’s no secret that eating a balanced diet with all of the right nutrients can give you more energy. Eating enough of the right things is incredibly important for making sure our bodies are consuming enough calories to not only survive but to be healthy.

On top of this, avoiding things like caffeine and alcohol can help you to get better sleep that will in turn improve your general mood.

Fighting illness & inflammation

A nourishing, enriching diet will help both your body and mind. It can help you to better fight illnesses and improve your immune system and can help you to feel less fatigued.  

Antioxidant-rich foods can also help you to combat inflammation and fight off infections. 

When your mind and body are in the best possible condition you give yourself the best chance of recovery.

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Nutrition & mental health

Nurturing your mental health through proper nutrition and lifestyle choices is an investment into your overall well-being.

Remember, small changes can have a significant impact. Start making conscious choices today and you can start to experience the immense power of nutrition on your mental well-being in no time. 

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